Movie Night

Being in a long distance relationship has its challenges. My girlfriend, Alexa and I can’t go out on dates like most couples do. Our dates are usually over Facetime, which are fun and all, but sometimes I wish we could go out to the movies or out to eat. Still, we try different date ideas we read about. One of them being movie nights.

One of my favorite dates we have are movie nights. We try to have a movie night every weekend. It’s become a tradition. Some of the movies we watch are:

  1. Tangled (Alexa’s favorite)
  2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  3. Emperor’s New Grove
  4. Dope
  5. Beauty and the Beast


An app we both love is Rabbit. Rabbit allows people to watch Netflix, YouTube, and other various websites at the same time. It’s a lot easier and more lined up then trying to press start at the same time. We use it all the time when we watch movies or want to watch a YouTube video. It’s an app we recommend to everyone.


When we watch our movies, we pull Rabbit up on our phones and FaceTime on our laptops. It’s like were actually watching a movie together in person. If you’re in a long distance relationship, you should try this out!


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