I wasn’t expecting Alexa to ask me to prom this year. I am unable to go for a number of reasons, even though I really want to be there for her special day. I expected her to send me a text or just ask me casually on FaceTime. Little did I know, Alexa was actually going to create a sign to ask me.


I was sitting in my dorm room, packing up my bags because I was going home later in the day. I had FaceTime pulled up and was talking to her. I was paying more  attention to rolling my clothes up than I was at the screen. I heard her scribbling something down for what I assumed to be her homework. She told me to look up, so I did. She held up this piece of paper and I was speechless.


I was so happy, I could barely speak. I somehow was able to utter out a “yes” while a wide grin was planted on my face. It was simple and cute, just how I like things.


In a few months I get to fly out and have my dance she owes me. I can’t wait!

  • Ashley

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