Disney World Vacation 2017 – Day 4

Day 4: Magic Kingdom (January 5,2017)


Day four was a lot like day three. My mom had another conference day, but this day was shorter than yesterday.

I took my siblings back over to Disney Springs and after going through all the stores for a second time, we headed over to Grand Floridian. The Grand Floridian is extremely breathtaking and I hope to be able to stay there one day.


My siblings grew tired and bored, so we headed back to our hotel. We grabbed some lunch from the market in our hotel and swam around for a few hours.

The park of the night was Magic Kingdom a.k.a my favorite park at Disney World. I was excited to be back in the magical park.

For the most part, we stayed in Frontierland, Adventureland, and Liberty Square, however we rode Small World again. Other rides we rode were Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Thunder Mountain. We had fast passes for those rides, so in between them we killed time by wandering through the Swiss Family Tree and watched Country Bear Jamboree.


We had dinner reservations that night at Tony’s Town Square. The bread and oil was my favorite part. For dinner I had spaghetti. It was delicious and probably a restaurant I would go to again on my next trip.

  • Ashley

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