I Got My License!

On the 27th, I went to take my driving test. I was a bit nervous, but overall excited. I went through a driving school for a month before I took the test, and each lesson we ran through the test course a few times.  Knowing how the course was laid out helped calm my nerves a bit.


I was the second person in line. I was watching the girl in front of me take her test and mentally prepared myself for mine. She ended up failing and I became even more nervous.


I went through the test and felt confident through it all. It wasn’t until we turned back into the DMV and I had to pull into a parking spot. I was nervous because the lines were faded. I decided to just go for it and pulled into a spot in the back of the parking lot. I for sure thought I didn’t make into the lines and didn’t even bother fixing it.  I put the car in park and was expecting the examiner to tell me I failed. Instead, he told me to sign and go in and get my picture taken because I passed.


I was internally screaming as I walked back into the DMV. After two and a half years of going through chaos to get my license, I was relieved to finally have it.


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