LDR Gifts

Here are some recommendations of gifts to get your long distance partner.


  1. Favorite perfume or cologne – This is one of my favorite gifts because by owning a bottle of perfume that Alexa wears frequently, I am able to respray her clothes when the scent disappears. I spray it not on just clothes, but my blanket and other gifts she gives me. I also use it when I am stressed because it calms me.


  1. Hand prints – This was one of the first gifts Alexa and I gave to each other. It’s easy, quick, and inexpensive as all you do is trace your hand onto a piece of paper. I like going back and placing my hand on top of “hers”.


  1. Love jar – I am sure many of you have heard, received, or created a love jar before, but it such a fun and heartwarming gift. For Christmas, I gave Alexa one with 365 reasons why I love her. Every day she opens a new one. It especially helps her on the days where she’s missing me more than usual.


  1. Build-a-bearWith the handprint, I gave Alexa a build-a-bear for one the first gifts I bought and created for her. I picked out one I knew she would love and picked out an outfit that matched her personality. She is a huge Star Wars fan, so I bought the bear a Darth Vader costume. I also covered the bear in my perfume. Another option is adding one of those voice boxes into the bear.


  1. Promise rings/necklaces Alexa and I bought vintage key necklaces off of Etsy with our favorite words engraved on them. On the one I gave her, it said “Free” and the one she gave me, it said “Trust”. With the keys holds a promise we made to each other. You can also buy your loved one a promise ring, but Alexa and I are waiting until we see each other in person to exchange those.


  1. Journal – Journals are the perfect gift to give your partner. They can be funny or deep and personal. There are many different ways you can take them. In mine, I include personal and random thoughts. When Alexa reads it, I hope she can learn more about how I think and how I see certain things.


What gifts have you given or received from your LDR partner?

  • Ashley

One thought on “LDR Gifts

  1. For Christmas I bought couple’s coordinates rings from an Etsy store. I also had them engraved on the inside too and i kept the one with his coordinates and gave him the one with mine…we wear them everyday, never take them off!

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