Disney World Vacation 2017 – Day 5 & 6

Day 5 – Magic Kingdom


I decided to wrap day five and six into one post since day six was primarily a travel day.


On the fifth day at Disney, my family decided on Magic Kingdom again. My mom didn’t have a conference on Friday, so we made it a mission to hit all her favorite rides before we left.


Before entering the park, my family headed over to the Polynesian Resort to try Tonga Toast. Tonga toast is French toast with fried bananas inside. I have heard so many great things about it and wanted to try it before I left. The toast held up to my expectations.


After breakfast we wandered around the Polynesian. We went through gift shops and headed outside. Moana was walking around outside and my sister was able to get a picture with her. However, I was fangirling a little as I’m a huge Moana fan myself. Our little trip made my mom fall in love with the Polynesian Resort. We’re even considering it as the next resort we stay at when we go to Disney World again.


Once we were done at the Polynesian, we made our way over to Magic Kingdom. We hit all our fast passes, The Little Mermaid, Haunted Mansion, and Winnie the Pooh. Then we proceeded back to the hotel to spend a few hours at the pool. My family wanted to spend the rest of the day relaxing at the hotel, but I wanted to head back to Magic Kingdom for the fireworks.


We didn’t have much time to ride any rides when we came back for the night but we rode the Carousel of Progress for the first time by accident. We thought we were getting on a different ride. The show is now one of my favorites. It’s a classic. Afterwards we rode Buzz Lightyear again and then grabbed a spot for the fireworks.


Wishes is and always will be my favorite firework show. I didn’t know it would be my last time seeing it but I’m glad I got a chance to see it before it ended. I’ve watched the Happily Ever After show Magic Kingdom airs and even though I love it more than I thought, Wishes still remains my favorite.


Day 6 – Home


We had an early flight on Saturday that was delayed due to a snowstorm ripping up the east coast. We were tired and ready to go home.


My mom and I talked about coming back to Disney while we waited. In 2009, my mom ran the Disney half marathon and I was there to watch her cross the finish line. Since then, I’ve always wanted to run it myself. We’ve talked about going in a few years and may even do it by 2019.


IMG_5318.jpgIMG_5330.jpgIMG_5341.jpg IMG_5332.jpg


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