Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!


I know I’m a few days late, but I was incredibly busy with spending time with my family and remembering those who risk their lives for my country.


The weekend took an unexpected turn of events. Originally we were going to have a calm, relaxing weekend and a big BBQ on Monday. It was supposed to rain, so we decided to just do some home projects as were trying to transform my grandma’s house into our own. Instead, family friends called us on Saturday asking if we wanted to go camping with them.


Our family friends have gone on numerous camping trips across the world and have always wanted to invite us, but there was never enough room in their camper. They upgraded their van a few months ago which mean extra space for more guest. We liked the idea of getting away for the weekend, especially with family we hardly see.



My siblings and I on the top bunk of the van.


We spent our weekend at a campground in Elizabethtown, PA. We explored the campground, checking out different campers and receiving ideas from what we saw other people do with their trailers. We didn’t get there till late in the afternoon, so we spent majority of our time setting up, relaxing, eating, and talking by the campfire. After dinner, we explored some more and found one of the two parks the campground had to offer. They had a giant chess set and a playground my family and I played on. It was like I was five again.


My siblings playing with the giant chess set.

The next day was our only full day at the campsite. The rain was off and on, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying our day. We continued exploring the site and went down to the lower level. We also walked to the front of the site where they had a giant pond where people could go fishing. Then we checked out the second park.


The highlight of day was when we all went mining. In the store, they had different bags of fossils and gems you could pick. You then went outside and dumped the bag into a pan and moved it around in water to remove the sand. It was interesting to see each of the different rocks we found. Afterwards, we went back to our campsite and traded rocks with each other.


The second highlight was when we made a s’mores chocolate chip cookie skillet thing. We made up the name, but we its cookie dough pressed into the bottom of the skillet, and then chocolate pieces and marshmallow placed on top. We didn’t put graham cracker on it because most people didn’t want it, but you can add it later or add it before you cook it. We placed the skillet on the fire for ten minutes and we had a gooey, chocolatey goodness.






The weekend was more fun than I could’ve ever imagined. I can’t wait to go again soon!


  • Ashley

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