Maryland Zoo!

Almost two weeks ago my family took a trip to the Maryland zoo in Baltimore. It’s been almost eight years since I last been to the zoo. The zoo has changed a lot since I’ve last been there, but it was still a lot of fun.

My mom was running a work event there for all the members of her company. A few hundred people showed up and my siblings and I helped get those people through the gates by giving them all their tickets, a bag full of goodies, and information about the day. 

We then went straight to lunch before going up to see the animals. She had Mission BBQ cater for the event. If you’ve never had their food then you’re really missing out. The brisket and cornbread are to die for. We had so much leftover that we were able to bring a ton home with us. 

Also, at the lunch an African penguin named peach come visit. I’ve never stood inches away from a real penguin. It was such a crazy experience and I’m glad I had the ability to experience it. 

Peach the Penguin

Once the lunch ended and my mom finished talking to everyone, my family headed up to where the animals were. We only had two hours left before the zoo closed so we rushed through most of the exhibits at the end, but it was still fun. 

My favorite part of the day was seeing the grizzly bears wrestle each other. Then one of the bears would try to get away and the other would follow him. Watching them reminded me of all the times I’ve tried to escape from my younger siblings but they still followed me where ever I went.

A few of the other animals we got to see were flamingoes, different types of birds, chimpanzees, lions, giraffes, antalope, goats, and many more.

I had a wonderful time at the zoo and I can’t wait to go back again. Next time I want to leave more time to enjoy the animals and go into the petting zoo. 


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